Sarah Louise Mulligan Is Running For The General Election 2020 As An Independent For Dublin Central

Q2 –The Irish would be served first and foremost and I would also call for the resignation of [Minister] Eoghan Murphy, as the Homelessness issue is out of control – no Irish person should have to die on our Irish streets.

Q3 – I would make sure the degenerate Sex Education Bill is not passed. Teaching pornography and promoting young people to touch themselves is perverted and sickening. Free speech is a cornerstone of our democracy and I would make sure this is being protected in schools and universities.

Q4 – My campaign is very Green and accessible. I’m not putting up posters, as I refuse to have trees cut down to have my face plastered around Dublin. For the record, I’m a fan of, ‘the climate change hoax’ and Greta Thunberg is not my God. Personally, I think climate change is a scare tactic to keep the population controlled and nervous.

Q5 – I refuse to see trees being cut down for public transport. I will be chaining myself to them if [the authorities] try and push this.

Q6 – I want to be the voice for the unborn and the old because at this moment in time, we have a government which is too busy lining its own greedy pockets and they don’t care about humanity

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