Is Ireland Ready For A New Conservative Political Revolution?

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I hope your ALL keeping well?

All is good with me, I’m so grateful for my health, happiness and all the good people who surround me. I’m living for 2020 as I will be in America to see, ‘The Saviour of the Western World’, being re-elected. I actually dreamt about this moment years ago, I will try and repost that article.

We the people of Ireland are tired of the old, Liberal, political, rotten system. The Revenge of Democracy has now come and 2020 will cement the Revolution when we see President Trump & Boris Johnson team up to change the world for the best. We are fed up with the so called, ‘Political Elite’, there is nothing, ‘Elite’, about them to be honest because our country is gone to the dogs and we now need change.

Unfortunately the old Liberal Political system in Ireland doesn’t allow new Conservative minds into the Dail as they rig the votes to keep Pro-Life, Pro-Trump, Pro-Family, Patriotic candidates who actually Love Ireland out, therefore there is no opposition.  I can verify that as I ran as a Presidential Candidate and I also ran in the Local Election. I witnessed so much media and political corruption. Their all singing off the same hymn sheet. The Irish don’t even like these politicians personalities, never mind their policies and untrustworthiness. Irish people often find themselves shouting at the radio and television, these people simply don’t represent us, never mind them trying to represent the working class. Unemployment is as high as ever in Ireland, Doctors and university graduates are emigrating to Australia, Dubai and America because there is no stability here, thanks to our septic, chaotic political system.

Yesterday shared an article, ‘New Dáil footage has emerged showing Fianna Fáil TD Lisa Chambers casting votes on behalf of a colleague’.

Please press on this link to read this Breaking News article.

Unfortunately we are sick and tired of the old political system as we can’t trust those who are suppose to represent us and this article has cast many doubts in the minds of the Pro-Life Irish community, whether our Referendum’s have been interfered with in the Dail behind our backs such as, The Abortion Referendum, it  was all rushed and signed into law without no real debate.  After all, ‘Little Miss Makey-Uppy’, said, “Abortion Regret is a ,”makeyuppy thing”, during a heated debate in the Dail.  How can we trust someone like that when they say such a thing, when the proof is there, that the majority of women suffer, ‘Abortion Regret’, which I spoke about in a very noisy environment during the time of, The Abortion Referendum for Sky News. I had to shout the words out as I could barely hear myself speak with all the traffic going by, an absolutely, disgusting, disgraceful place to hold a debate about such a serious life and death matter. The people of Ireland are crying out for a new political system that focuses on sovereignty and humanity. We want our own independence, we fought hard for it and why should we give it away so easily. We have the ability to think for ourselves and we too could break away from the EU and take ownership of our own country. We need a government that protects humanity and doesn’t interfere with the sanctity of life. The way the Unborn and the Elderly people are treated in this country is a, ‘National Outcry’, and now they will push for Euthanasia which will kill our country’s identity putting the final nail in the coffin. Our, ‘Motherland’, will no longer be our Motherland because of those who are in power who are bowing down to their EU masters and puppets in Brussels all out of love for a, ‘New World Order’.

Not only do we have individuals casting votes on behalf of colleagues, they now want to silence our, ‘Freedom of Speech’. The Irish public aren’t stupid and refuse to have their speech suppressed by the, ‘Thought Police’, and by trying to introduce such a thing is going to cause a serious Revolution bringing people closer together, where it will be, ‘Us Against Them’.

There is no inbetween no more, you’re either on the Right Side or your on the Left. Liberalism is dying, people are tired of political correctness we should be free to be our authentic selves and express ourselves whatever way we like. We aren’t sheep we’re individual human beings and trying to treat us like sheep will only backfire, you can’t and you will not control us.

The Irish mainstream media are in bed with the political establishment who have an agenda. Hysteria is a weapon that is constantly used and being fed to the Irish public but, ‘The Awakening’, is now happening in Ireland, people are noticing how out of touch our politicians really are with the ordinary person.

Our Forefathers would turn in their graves if they really knew what was going on inside the walls of the Dail and they would be disgusted that our Politicians aren’t putting our Communities, Family, The Health System and the Economy First.

President Trump and Boris Johnson are connected through the electorate as the ballot box is now being used as a form of Rebellion. Will Ireland eventually wake up and see what these people are doing to our people and our country? Or will they continue on floating around in their own little bubble with their eyes closed and stay ignorant to what is really going on in our failed political democracy. Remember, ‘Politics’,  controls the money you earn each hour and controls every aspect of your life and will continue to do so until your final last breath on planet earth.

You can continue to bash President Trump and Boris Johnson all you like but they are the future of our nation and will be for quite some time so why not do your research and learn about these natural born leaders, you might surprise yourself and see the humanity in them. You wonder why your frustrated with your life open your eyes to, ‘Politics’, it will give you all the answers you need. The exit of the European Union will happen and when it does Ireland will naturally follow suit.

Are you ready for a New Irish Conservative Political Revolution in 2020, are you willing to put your trust in new political leaders who may necessarily not be Politicians?