I’m Currently Listening To The Audiobook, ‘The Book of Gutsy Women’, Narrated by Hillary Rodham Clinton & Chelsea Clinton

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I hope your All keeping well?

It’s great to be back blogging again. I’ve been receiving many messages from people wondering what I’m up to as I haven’t been written about in the media in a while, the last publication was in June 2019 regarding President Trump’s visit to Ireland in which I was very excited about. I also made an appearance on the, ‘Nolan Show’, live a few months ago discussing, ‘Politics’. I’ve been keeping a low profile for lots of reasons.

Irish Examiner – Letter’s to President Trump (A very bias article in my opinion they could have easily asked other President Trump supporter’s to say kind things about President Trump and by doing so would have balanced out the article. I was happy to be contacted though) President Trump is loved in Ireland. I should know, I run the Website www.irishwholovePresidentTrump.com He definitely has over 723,000 Irish supporters and that’s from doing my own research.

Irish Examiner Newspaper- Letters to President Trump


I’m working on new websites and I hope to launch something really beautiful that will hopefully help people to connect again.

I’m currently listening to The audio book, ‘The Book of Gutsy Women’, narrated by Hillary Rodham Clinton & Chelsea Clinton. Please don’t freak out my fellow Trump Supporters, I want to see the psychology behind why this book was published and is it’s Hillary Clinton’s little secretive way of letting us know she may run again against, The Leader of the Free World in 2020 but I guess I won’t know that answer until I listen to every word this book has to say. It’s always good to be a step ahead of thy enemy. Watch all that is said and all that is published, hidden clues are everywhere but you won’t pick up on them if you choose to ignore whats in front of you. We don’t have time to be ignorant, we need to keep a watchful eye on all candidates and so called candidates who could try and hinder the 2020 election process.

I was very curious about this book due to it’s title. I know alot of, ‘Gutsy Women’ and I’ve been called, ‘Gutsy’, over the years by many people and one of my loved ones told me, last year that I had, ‘a neck like a jockey’, having ran as a, ‘Pro-Life Presidential Candidate’, one of the most exciting years of my life. I learnt so much about Politics which really blew my mind, now I’m hooked on Irish and American Politics.

I’m happy to say that this book, ‘Gutsy Women’, refers to alot of presidential moments. Women who are presidential, who’ve done extraordinary things with their lives. Some of these women have been invited to the White House where they were recognised for their extraordinary talent.

As you all know,  I’m President Trump’s No: 1 Irish supporter and some of my followers may judge me a little because I have chosen to take notice of this book but I always love to learn about women who have changed the world for the best and so far this book is very inspirational as it gives a break down of each woman and what she did for her country and it’s people. These women so far are definitely great Humanitarians.  I’m not even half way though the book yet but so far, it doesn’t seem to be a book about raging feminists, these women all have a unique quality about them and so far nothing has been written to stop me listening, although if I do come across something which I don’t agree with coming from a Conservative point of view and President Trump is mocked in anyway, shape or form, I will blog about it in my next blog if the tone starts to change as I’m a Proud Conservative woman & I won’t hold back if the, ‘President Trump Bashing’, begins  had I been an American citizen, I’d be seen as a fully fledged Republican. I’m now listening to a woman who has worked with Gorillas. Every story is so beautiful, ‘nature and Human Rights seems to be the main themes that are interweaving through this book, ‘The Power of Planting Trees’,  another lovely story. Any person who may be a little lost and needs a little inspiration should read this as every story teaches people about the power of education and the importance of reading, after all, ‘knowledge is power’. There are episodes where Hillary’s daughter speaks about the different extraordinary women her mother met in the White House, there was a comment made that seemly Hillary had the pleasure of allowing one of the oldest women stay in the White House, this lady had also done something very extraordinary with her life. I liked this part alot as I have a soft spot for the Elderly as I have a grandfather who is 93 years of age whom I worship, he’s my favourite human being. Climate Change is now being discussed whilst I listen to this audio book and type this, it’s something I’m not very worried about as I believe it could be used as a tactic to scare people that aspect, I don’t like. I do my best for the environment but I think most of what’s being fed to us through the media is a Hoax.

There is so much more I want to write here but I’ll stop now. I will finish, ‘The Book Of Gutsy Women’ and I’ll let you all know what I thought of it, it’s always important to keep a watchful eye on what the Liberals are publishing as I will be helping President Trump to become re-elected in 2020 and I personally want to keep up with all of President Trump’s detractors regarding what they publish and what they say during the run-up to the most exciting American, Presidential Election the world will have ever witnessed.

Roll on 2020,

I’m living to see President Trump become Re-Elected.


Lots of Love,

Sarah Louise







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  1. Once again it shows your commitment to President Donald trump by examining his well knows opponents views, for years Christian, patriots, family focus people thought there views were the nation’s, are opponents on the other hand got into the media, schools everywhere and t ook over and secularism came-we now know no thy enemy they no us and excluded us, to win for good we must restore the faith.

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